Nocturne for Trumpet and Cello

With this piece, I used a non-repeating 12-tone pattern twice. This means there is an A and a B section, but since there was no repetition of a melody, you won’t notice it without counting tones. But the repetition of notes is allowed, so I used rhythm more as a compositional tool in this.

The structure itself hides the A – B idea in that there is simply a point where I finished all twelve tones and then used another twelve tones. In all, this piece only uses 24 tones.

The idea that it is a nocturne-style composition comes from the slow and hushed nature, using muted trumpet and cello. ┬áThe title “Sleepy Hollow” has no reference to the children’s story, instead alluding to that feeling of waking up sleep deprived before the sun is up and you can’t seem to form thoughts yet.