iPad Compositions

Now that i-Products are so fast and powerful, way more than my first Mac, a beige G3 running at 333MHz and an 8GB hard drive, I’ve been excited about music composition on only iPad or iPhone. Plus, when I heard the Gorillaz made their album The Fall primarily with iPad instruments, I thought the device may actually be ready for real composition and writing. And when Korg released the Gorillaz version of the iElectribe, I felt my thoughts were confirmed.

The challenge used to be that applications on i-devices didn’t talk to each other. That meant that working on a synth from some random company wouldn’t interface with Garageband, the multi-tracking software, so you’d either have to record it on another iPad/iPhone or your computer’s DAW. Enter into the picture, Audiobus, an application that acted as software routing from certain apps into Garageband, as well as filters and effects apps along the way. Apple saw that novelty and added inter-app audio support to Garageband.

So now, with a recording studio in my bag, I can record on my commute into the city. The first results of using Garageband and an app called Chordion, over the last week, are posted in Soundcloud, as well as on my music page.