The Heroine premier

On Saturday, November 14, 2015, the Composers Collective held our first orchestral performance. Led by maestro David Štech, the Composers Collective Orchestra played through sixteen world premieres by members from the group at Flushing Town Hall in Queens, NY.

From the program notes:

The Heroine: Chapter 12 – After being away for many days, our heroine returns home to a warm welcome. Chapter 17 – It seems inevitable that the encroaching evil will… Chapter 23 – A new sword, a new companion, life is good on the road! Chapter 24 – It is all around: war, evil war! Chapter 29 – …if nothing else, her burned flesh will heal and leave marks by way of hardened skin, ready to tackle the next challenge without fear.

I attempted to create a cinematic scape with hard, dynamic sections butted against melodic movement. The solos were performed by concert master Eugene Muneyoshi Takahashi and principal violist Brian Thompson.

Upcoming Performance with The Bakery

At the end of the summer, 2014, I played alongside my good friend and the amazing beat-boxer Chesney Snow for a variety show written and produced by The Bakery. This trio of actors/writers is amazingly talented and I am so excited to be playing with them again this May 1st, but this time with Kaila Mullady.

Check out the promo video and, if you’re in the city, check out the performance!

The Bakery Presents: Devil’s Food Cake from Christopher Davis on Vimeo.

Folie A Deux winter concert

The winter Composers Collective took place at Flushing Town Hall in Queens, NY on February 13th and I was so excited to have a new piece premiered. In December, for this concert, I wrote Courtship, the first of a multiple movement piece called Twin Spirits, specifically for the viola duo Folie À Deux (, comprised of Nora Krohn and Nick Revel. In addition to being incredible performers and wonderfully professional, they are also engaged to be married. This fact settled on my mind as I began writing what I planned on being a long-term project that describes the different stages of love that a couple goes through.

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