Peter Jan Fedak is a composer and musician from New York City.

Currently, he studies composition, conducting, and instrumentation at Juilliard under the instruction of Conrad Cummings, Jonathan Dawe, and Jude Vaclavik. Peter has also taken classes in Scoring for Film with Milica Paranosic and Music Theory with Samuel Zyman. After finding a true passion for composition, he has been writing for small classical ensembles and is one of the founders and President of the NYC-based non-profit, The Composers’ Collective.

As a previous singer and performer in handbell choirs in churches since his youth, he attended New York University to study music business, obtaining his BM in 2000. Since then, he has furthered his instrumental studies on guitar with John Pondel, Bruce Arnold and Jon Geist, piano with Cory Smythe, voice with Anne Phillips and Diana Nikkolos, and tablas with Rohin Khemani.

As a guitarist and singer, he has previously performed and recorded with the bands/artists Elisa Lin, Jihae, See for Days, The Force Theory, and The Lepers. In November 2011, as singer, guitarist, and composer, his band AM Low released their first single Tiny Switches | Able Archer under the Flash of Genius imprint. And as singer, guitarist, and producer, he recorded and composed with the Well Dressed Villains in Bushwick, NY, releasing their debut mixtape in September 2013. From 2008 – 2012 he managed Square Wave music studio in Long Island City, NY. In addition, he has performed as guitarist in the theater productions “B-Sides and Bastardized” in 2008, and “The City” and “The Bakery” in 2014.